It is in a child’s best interest to know both parents. Besides receiving emotional and financial support while growing up, a knowledge of family health history helps children as they become adults.

Robles Family Law Firm represents both mothers and fathers in paternity cases so custody and support can be established. Our representation may include:

Genetic testing

Paternity can be established voluntarily by signing an Acknowledgment of Paternity. If this is the case for you, we can immediately start establishing support obligation and visitation schedules. In cases where it is more questionable, genetic testing is a way to know for sure before we make additional plans.

Mistaken paternity

Botched tests or claims made in ignorance often result in cases of mistaken paternity. We can help either parent set the record straight, especially if the biological father would like to pursue visitation and support obligations

Robles Family Law Firm is located in Odessa, Texas and offers effective experience with paternity cases. If you need assistance with a paternity matter, contact us to schedule a consultation.