Custody & Visitation

Custody Visitation

Custody and visitation is not just about establishing the primary parent and the household where a child will live. It can take on many dynamics that include co-parenting, long distance accommodations, and supervised visitation. Robles Family Law Firm listens carefully to mothers and fathers so we can represent desires and determine the best interest of the children.

Our custody and visitation cases involve issues that often require creative solutions. When we address your unique circumstances, we may discuss:


Most custody cases involve two good parents who wish to be involved in their children’s lives. If this is the case with you, we find a fair arrangement that allows equal time and co-parenting so your children enjoy influence and love from both of you.

Supervised visitation

Not all situations are ideal and in cases of drug addiction, neglect or mental incapacity, supervised visitation is the best solution. We find an approach that supports the child-parent relationship while also preserving dignity.

Enforce and contempt of court

Another less ideal situation involves parents who do not exercise their parenting rights. We can enforce visitation schedules so the other parent spends time with the child or follow rules for supervision.

Long distance visitation

If opportunities take you or the other parent out of the area, we can design custody and visitation arrangements to account for the distance.

Electronic visitation

With new technology comes new approaches to visitation and facilitating communication. We can discuss whether electronic visitation is right for your situation.

Robles Family Law Firm is located in Odessa, Texas and handles many child custody and visitation cases. To find an arrangement that works with your desires and your children’s best interests, contact us to schedule a consultation.