Child Support

Child Support

Determining a child support obligation is an objective process that merely involves calculation. As your attorney, we assure the calculation is correct and all income figures are accurate.

However, there are times when child support becomes an enforcement issue or changes in income demand an adjustment. Robles Family Law Firm determines child support amounts in paternity and child custody cases but is also available when obligations go unpaid or the obligation requires adjustment. Depending on your situation, we offer:

Enforcement/contempt of court representation

If you are struggling because the other parent fails to stay current on child support, a court action will secure the money owed to you. We pursue an arrearage judgment so further garnishments and liens can be used to collect the money owed to you and your children.

Change in child support

Even if you wish to keep current on child support, your current financial situation may make that intention impossible. If a layoff or job change resulted in a substantial reduction in your income, there is a chance a court will consent to changing the amount of support.

Child support issues can be financially burdensome to both sides. Robles Family Law Firm is located in Odessa, Texas and offers experiences establishing, enforcing, and changing child support. Contact us today to schedule a child support consultation.