Adoption is a happier area of family law that still contains several legal issues and obligations. It is frequently an involved process even when all parties agree to the adoption.

Robles Family Law Firm handles adoption cases from the routine cases to the ones that arise under specific circumstances. While we can guide you through a private adoption, we also represent clients in more complex matters. Examples of cases include:

Same-Sex Adoptions

The legalization of same-sex marriage made these adoptions easier but there are still challenges. Many of these involve the impressions of social workers and counselors who still maintain prejudice. We help you overcome these barriers so your dreams of a family come true.

Stepparent Adoption

There are instances where a stepparent has a stronger bond and performs more duties than a biological parent. This also arises if a child suffered abuse from a parent and now thrives in the care of a stepparent. We can formalize this family relationship through a stepparent adoption.

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